Niramsin ‘How You Like’ Ft. Dell-P : Gleaming with sun-kissed nuances of infectious allure.


All of Australia’s natural beauty is wrapped up in the music video for ‘How You Like’ feat. Dell-P. Niramsin sings, “Meet me where the sea meets the sky,” and that’s exactly what the dancer does: from the Hornby Lighthouse to the shore, every move she makes is on beat to Niramsin’s voice. The next dancer takes “it into deeper water,” literally. She elegantly moves in a full dress underwater.

A group of dancers then move in sync on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, enticed with the screen Dell-P appears on.

There is not a care in the world when you’re on the water, or in the presence of Niramsin and Dell-P. The tropical track matches the luminous clip; both are gleaming with sun-kissed nuances of infectious allure and artistry.


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