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Nirosta Steel – About That Stuff

In motion, physically and emotionally – for perpetual intentions – never fully grasped. Trying to reach that higher shelf space, the will crumbles – just enough to give gap for growth. Nirosta Steel’s About That Stuff is that chant in the mind – trapped in the cycle, of which there’s no escape.

My mind goes blank, my chest goes thump.
The shadows of the elite, trembling with strife.
Existence is here, and it’s now I must.
Tangle with the web, of corridors never scene.

Tackling the demons of one’s true past, is a daunting task.

There IS something to circumstances that follows one’s existence, even if there are many generations apart.

Genetics has something to do with it. But human being can determine themselves IN and OUT of environments – if they choose.

Breaking that circle can be tricky.

Bad things can mix with ‘comfort’. Good things can be ‘toxic’. All things need examination and self rectitude.

Enter that realm of peace and self-recognition.

You are more special than you think.

You are more vulnerable than you think.

You are more beautiful than you think.

You are more vile than you think.

Seeing it in different angles profoundly make a person – a better member of the human species.

After all, what else is there?

For we all have one life, and only, one life’s chance.

Nirosta Steel is Steven Hall. And vice versa. Just can’t get away from it.

His latest ‘Dry Ice’ is a collection of his past song from the 80’s and 90’s. Originally it had been released in 2003, but had been re-bound by his own label, Buddhist Army, and has been redone.

It’s an eclectic layers of music, from his certain situations from his past. The origins and context of what was going through his head during the songs is not clearly known (at least to CHF). However, that’s not a concern.

The 12 song compilation delves into an artist’s past.

It’s what it is, and that’s that.

Nirosta Steel is rep’ed by Buddhist Army, in Brooklyn.



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