Nitemirror ‘Call on Anyone’ : Abstraction of life and demeanor, with aggressive punk accolades.


“This is written as an uplifting song meant to help the listener move on from heartbreaking events from the past that latch onto the memory and prevent growth into the future,” said Nitemirror. The artist and musician, continues to reign over the abstraction of life and demeanor, with aggressive punk accolades of his latest single ‘Call on Anyone’.

Known in the underground music community for his one man physical performances which include throwing instruments in the air, stage diving into a stack of chairs, and playing guitar solos while rolling around on the floor. He is the creator of Hyper New Wave, and Powerwave genres, and is a torchbearer for the new Maximalist art movement.

The groove is visceral, and when life is taken as serious as Nitemirror intends to tackle, it becomes that much enjoyable.

It’s that surf and sun mentality that shines through his music.

‘Call on Anyone’ is off of his LP ‘White Scare’. Out now.


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