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Niva // TUMBLE // I Drew Blank // HELGA // Charlie Strange

Niva – Sudden Changes

Swedish producer NIVA debuted in 2011 with his EP ‘Feverish Dreams’. Long awaited return with a new label and ambition, ‘Sudden Changes’ off of the sophomore EP ‘Forever is Over’ (available now) is dropped and can be purchased. Taste and delicacy is the order of the day for ‘Sudden Changes’. The sultry gray is highlighted into deep rolling crunch of emotions clashing. Aggressive and repressive, ‘Sudden Changes’ depict the rightful reflection on how most of us feel in situations of deep meaning and cost.

TUMBLE – Give It Time

TUMBLE is a 19 year old, Singer, Songwriter and Producer from the South Coast of England. He’s better than you. He’s better than most of us. Not just because of the work he produces, but with which his single ‘Give It Time’ is constructed. Mature and delectable thoroughfare is what this single vibes, and you there’s nothing you can do about it. TUMBLE stated: “This is my debut track…in anticipation of my debut EP ‘Sunburst’ [available now]. This track is all about the ideology of finally getting away and making it out of a small suburban town… Although it comes with the battle of patience vs desire, overcome by a withstanding belief that the day you get away together, will eventually come true.” Kudos, TUMBLE. Kudos.

I Drew Blank – Uncomfy

I DREW BLANK started life in 2018. Bassist & singer Oyèmi Hessou (Jaguwar), guitarist & singer Dominik Jureschko (White Hand Gibbon) and drummer Eilis Frawley (Party Fears) jammed together, and here we are. Off of their debut EP ‘Interesting Life Choices’, frenetic guitar strums of ‘Uncomfy’ comes to the fore. And with it a guiding light of nurturing solace, shines upon your listening ears. Even if you didn’t expect it. The shoegaze realm of ‘Uncomfy’ is the antithesis of being fabulously comfy, in the dregs of current life and cultural memes. Drowning is the key effect, and the saving grace of rope can only be afforded by the touch of I DREW BLANK. Your life is on the line. Listen, dang you.

HELGA – Haunted

Out of Dalarna, Sweden, HELGA writes. The darkness seeps deeply, entrenched in the succulent morsels of the anguish. She nays the beating heart into submission, as the smiles of her foes collapse with vitriol and confusion. HELGA stated about ‘Haunted’: “A musical translation of my inner and physical world. I personally love reverb-drenched music and sounds, drawing inspiration from my dream world, the misty forests, and Swedish folk music.” HELGA is dark and succinct in its presentation. But it is a walking, singing contradiction of music where the being succinct demands a long and vitriolic honesty in looking inside. From the gray, there might be new and better excitement for us all. But in the meantime, we’ll CHOOSE to wallow in the comfort of our own personal darkness, until it’s the right time to break out of this shell.

Charlie Strange – I Follow

We imagine CHARLIE STRANGE having been a very introspective soul growing up. From the outputs offered by her very new and promising musical career just hints at that notion. We’d been enamored with her previous single ‘Stay Home’, and we’d stated: “Charlie chooses to use her dream-pop vigils of melancholic guitar strums and synth-pop vestiges to stage an assault in the malign. She tries to talk about the social issues that she see important or at least worth talking about.” Her follow up ‘I Follow’ is a much more flowing aspect of her personality, adding more peaks and valleys to the story telling. Longing, being mis-read, unaccounted, and dismissed – all combine into one song of obsessions that might come true someday. We all have those days, don’t we?


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