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NJ English teacher berates student about patriotism: ‘U.S. soldiers are not fighting for your right to speak Spanish’

An English language teacher working for the Cliffside Park High School in New Jersey, berated three students for not speaking ‘American’.

The disputed teacher was substituting for that particular Algebra class, when she’d made the statement to 3 students.

One of those 3 students stated that ‘they were talking about the Yankees (baseball team)’ when the lecturing started, MSNBC reported.

Later, because of the incident, ‘almost 100 students’ protested in a walk-out on Monday – in spite of the principal’s warnings of discipline actions for the protest participants.

Although the exact context of how the discussion started, there is a video evidence of the comments being made by the English teacher.

According to CBS2, students identified the teacher in question as Laura Amico.

One student, Caemren Benitez said: “For me she was the nicest person I ever met, maybe this time she wasn’t feeling good”. And added that “..her classmates just want an apology, not for the teacher to lose her job.”

Principal Lawrence Pinto yet has made any comments, about the situation.

Here is the raw video:

Here are reactions from Twitter-verse on the incident. Some are FOR and some were AGAINST:


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