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Nnadagi // Buntspecht // Ghost Atlantic // dearwoods // The Western Den

Nnadagi – Just Because

Rap. Indie. Voice. Telling stories is what Nnadagi likes to do on his songs. And when you dive right into this delectable offering of fun attitudes, ‘oh-well’ smiles, and keeps this single on a very grassroots path. Earthy and honest, the wispy single delights with tropical tinge and virtual affection for the horizons ahead. “My song ‘Just Because’ is about cycles,” stated Nnadagi. “I wrote about an occurrence that happened to me at a young age that followed me into adulthood. That was the first time I was evicted. I couldn’t realize, at the time, why the same bad things kept happening. I was in a cycle based on what was passed down to me. Once I knew, I did everything to get out of it. By then, it was the 7th time I was evicted. It took years, and I mean years, but everything works out the way it should. Have you ever been in a cycle like this?” Of course Nnadagi. We all in some kind of cycle of, good and/or bad. The bigger issue is escaping that cycle, and it’s hard to do so, when the world seems to want you to stay.

Buntspecht – Trümmerträumer

Off of the upcoming new album ‘Draußen Im Kopf’ due on May 17th, BUNTSPECHT’s artistic single ‘Trümmerträumer’ is here to make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin – at least for just a moment. The multi-instrumental exercise depicts palpable revelry for breaking up the normality of our lives. Translated as ‘Debris Dreamer’, the single is accounted for by the Austria based band which tackles emotional curries, dissecting and instigating, then prodding about why we, as human beings, function as we do. Deep, yes, but the dark and misty single does its very best in pointing at the isolation of our hearts. And then maybe, just maybe, we can escape with our head held higher, someday.

Ghost Atlantic – Along Those Lines

GHOST ATLANTIC is the project of Trevor Smith, and off of the lastest imprint ‘Down To My Last Million’, the band instills calmness and acceptance, through all the distractions, responsibilities. And when said and done, the music is where it’s at. Challenges were many in the long running band, but with the latest 4th album offering, Trevor and the gang has captured a moment, a slice of life. And when life’s screwballs are captured, analyzed, and accepted, it’s a start to a new beginning of sorts. At least that’s where we ALL want to be. Within ‘Along Those Lines’ the crow’s feet seduced by life’s stresses are embedded and highlighted for the listener to experience. Numb, sad, occupied, and rolling with the punches, the band keeps its chin up, because of the history and tradition GHOST ATLANTIC as meant to them. It’s a noble and just cause.

dearwoods – Gene Bloom

From the forests of Dalsland, Sweden, comes a band named dearwoods. And in the single ‘Gene Bloom’, they present a classic hard-rock sensibilities and sets it in an emphatic and angsty frame of mind. With marching drums, and instilled guitar licks, the gentle but driving emotions are mystically painted in the sky where dearwoods resides. The stars illuminate, as this single keeps its groove and solid musical construction, as explosive as their live performances. ‘Gene Bloom’ is off of the new EP ‘Still Waiting’, just like our complex human emotions, dearwoods examines such qualities in life through a varied array of musical style. A wonderland of intrigues and ambitions, and an exercise of contrasts.

The Western Den – Company

From their debut album ‘A Light Left On’, the uber talented duo of Deni Hlavinka and Chris West makes listening to them, pure joy. Deni’s angelic and anthemic vocals, rises above the fray, depicting stories of denials, love, possibilities, and questions towards the yet unknown. Capturing the emotional tie-ins, the progression and layering of sounds from multiple instruments, casts a cinematic truth to the cause. You just want to travel that certain journey with Deni’s voice. You want to bet there, to see how high the instruments for and of love can reach. The closest way is through THE WESTERN DEN. And we intend to find out, hand in hand. Hope will survive.


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