No Exchange Shares Scintillating Blast, ‘Lights’. “Keeping the dream alive.”

Hard riffs, unrelenting hook, and a devastatingly handsome progression, the throwback vibin’ single ‘Lights’, lights up the party and invites you to join in.

The indie rock band NO EXCHANGE hails from the wilds of fabulous Montclair, New Jersey – a place where hard rock, garage, alternative, and experimental rock still lives and thrives. Arguably, along with New Brunswick, New Jersey, the scene has birthed some great local indie rock offerings.

Continuing that line of fabulousness is NO EXCHANGE, which delves deep into cut-throat riffs, grunge-tastic vibes, and presents their work in thick slather of pertinent attitude and force.

‘Lights’ is part of their debut self-titled EP and the 4 track offering is a fresh return to a glorious vibe that is due for a new take and return.

Consisting of Aaron Naphor, CJ Douma, Gabe Ng, and Marcus Carollo make up the band and with their platform, mixtures of sub-sets of indie seeps valiantly and effortlessly in their interpretation of it all. Coming to a conclusion in excitement and anticipation, the band wrangles their music within, with ample exuberance and passion.


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