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No Kind of Rider Shares ‘Autumn’. “The Shame Is Inherent. You Say You Deserve It. And In Ways, You Do.”

This is a dark single from the gang at NO KIND OF RIDER. You can feel the brooding in the presentation. It’s delicious and we wanted more. The synth work does what it’s supposed to and enhances the flavor or the lyrics and Samuel Alexander’s vocal musings.

The right questions are posed, quashed, delivered, then bled to death.

‘Autumn’ is that anguish from that torture basement you have hidden in your head and heart. It’s not for anyone else, but it is your safe place to demonize your own darkened and blemished secrets.

Lust and reverberations of languishing proposals, to love, to the significant other, to the self – is gloriously drenched in molasses, tarred and feathered.

The shame is inherent. You say you deserve it.

And in ways, you do.

The pain makes the beautiful, possible. Acceptance is the start; from the ashes of the burned forest, color blossoms anew.

“We have all known each other for so long, and together we have fought and lost and dreamt. We have hated each other and forgiven each other. That’s something that just comes with time. We have to die, to be reborn. But each night holds a new promise. What if you could shape those close to you to better fit what you need? It’s just a question that is never said. After my father died, these lyrics took a different meaning. The entire song had a different perspective. It was healing in a way I didn’t expect…We decided to destroy the song at the end. It felt right — for everything to decompose. That’s just a natural thing, isn’t it?”

The 5 piece band’s debut album ‘Savage Coast’ is available now.



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