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NO KIND OF RIDER Shares ‘Distinct’. “Drizzly. Guitar Driven. Baggage Of Emotions.”

We’d shared NO KIND OF RIDER’s single ‘Autumn’ in late July. And we stated: “‘Autumn’ is that anguish from that torture basement you have hidden in your head and heart. It’s not for anyone else, but it is your safe place to demonize your own darkened and blemished secrets.”

Now we have ‘Distinct’. A drizzly, guitar driven, baggage of emotions, clustered within the time of HER and YOUR distinction in recognition – in love, in righteous rapture.

This beautifully crafted pop-rock suit in gray, shows you the way to the door on the other side.

Take her hand.

“Take his hand”

“Let’s go and run through the fields we’d made together. With no inhibitions. No angst.”


This is a fabulous single and should be in your rotation.

It is in our CHF August Playlist, for sure.



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