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‘Chains’ (featuring Charles X) “explores loneliness, the feeling of confinement and the desire for liberation” visualized by the fly-on-the-wall view of a woman victimized by violence. The powerful anthem for a call to arms, ‘Chains’ is the first single from the upcoming LP ‘Trouble’ (available now). The driving ballad, stipulates attention to an all too common list of symptoms.

TrustDarkness – The Ashes Are Cold

TrustDarkness’ growl is what sets it apart. Beaming out of the unique vocals, the entrenched nostalgias pour out into the public with decadence and honesty. Pain, regret, mistrust, possible happiness, opportunities of days gone by – all mashes in ‘The Ashes Are Cold’. An intriguing single, pot-marked with unfulfilled emotions.

WYRES – Where R Yu

”The idea was to have this very distorted heavy synth push the song along while some very smooth vocals carry you and kind of hold your back while you’re jumping furiously, like a combination of Justice debut record and something coming out of a folk album,” said WYRES. “Where R Yu is about longing and waiting. The dance-floor is used as an example, cause there’s no other place where your fantasy can be so free and long and hope for so much. Both the lyrics and the beat is supposed to slowly give you the courage to take a leap. We wanted to describe the feeling of wanting what you don’t have. Because we all do… always.” Can’t say it better than that. Kudos.

Only Me – Sleep for Days

Delivery of self confidence, comes slowly for some. Self-love comes slow for some, as well. Which is a shame, for crossing the line to being unsure of yourself, is always a shame. There’s no reason not to be self-assured. That’s what being a nicely rounded-person is all about. ‘Sleep For Days’ give us that vibe of being on that road to salvation, and chiseling our niche in this world of ours. ONLY ME took 9 years for this album to be finalized. Word.

Lazaris Pit – Delusions of Grandeur/ Dilated

LAZARIS PIT is a psychedelic rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina. They know how to crush you. Your boundaries are crushed to ashes, as space and time swivels past you consciousness and beyond. There are no boundaries, any longer. Any longer, you exist. You exist, for the sake of all of the weight on your shoulders. You’ve crushed, yourself. Get out. Get out of this cycle. Relief in ‘Delusions Of Grandeur’ exists. Let’s ride.


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