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NO SWOON Shares ‘Blame the Messenger’. “It’s Unavoidable. Love The Messenger.”

At the :50sec mark, we fell in love with this tune. Of course, Tasha’s breathy vocals is fabulous as always, and the combination of Zack and Ricky doing their thing on this song just simply makes us bloom like a sunflower.

We’re talking about the staggered pace of that first chorus. The drums, teasing and profilin’, just is too much to bear. And, as mentioned, the keys and bass, and again, the vocals of Tasha completes the deep desire that we had for this sexy single.

Yes. ‘Sexy’ for a shoegaze / dream-pop song. It’s true.

But it’s unavoidable.

We’d missed out on doing reviews for the gang in NO SWOON, but we couldn’t let this one get away. In the scheme of things, CHF isn’t a big player, but when we love a song like ‘Balme The Messenger’ we want add to the growth of it – relishing the tone, relishing the significance, relishing its success as an art piece.

And we think you should listen to NO SWOON. We think you’ll dig it for what it is, and what it could be.

The band consists of: Tasha Abbott, Zack Nestel-Patt, and Ricky Petraglia.

Their debut EP is available now, and we recommend it be in your rotation.

Kudos, gang. Kudos.



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