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No Vacation – Yam Yam

No Vacation’s Yam Yam, along with their latest EP was offered up and dropped, on November 17 of this year. It aggregates all their previous months’ singles into one package – with the message of physical items to be offered up in December for all to love.

And we do love No Vacation.

Our first instance with them was with the song ‘Dræm Girl’, and boy did we get into it. We didn’t feature it on the site then (for this site didn’t exist then), but did feature it on our Instagram account.

The thread of nonchalance, introspection, and deep existential fortitude, culminates to many songs of No Vacation.

And that’s where we hug and caress their output.

There is no outwardly and obvious over powering aroma about the band, but there is something there.

It quickly equates into the vast expanse of No Vacation’s lyrics and subtle guitar chords – kneading, pleading, holding, pulling, suggesting.

“Remind me of that time, of times,” Rachel asked Mark.

He turned and watched her eyes flicker in natural elegance.

“It’s now, Rachel.”

He moved forward, held her. Very tightly.

She melted into his shoulder.

It’s an itch, really. The band’s construction of the song is combative but peaceful. The war-hawks can’t get a hold of its weight and significance.

Hope to see them continue their flourishing moves, in 2018 touring.

By the by, they’re rep’ed by Top Shelf Records, out of San Diego.

Kudos, No Vacation. Kudos.

Their EP release party will be at Trans-Pecos in Queens NYC, December 9th.



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