NO VOLCANO Shares Single ‘Sad Generator’. Take That Long Road Into The Never.

“Get me a piece of gum from the glove compartment, would ya? Thanks.”

“You know, when the moon crosses the sun, and at the right moment, for a minute…that’s when the eclipse is true,” said Jack, as he pulled out the gum pack from the glove compartment.

“It’s the time when, from the news anyway, people can’t be looking directly at the sun. It’ll damage your eyes!”

Ron nodded, as he continued to look straight ahead to the highway, as he took the piece of gum from Jack. He nodded to Jack’s assumption to the news: “Uh, huh, gottya.”

Then he glanced as Jack, saying: “Would ya get the gum wrapper off of it for me?”

Jack, without hesitation, did the favor for Ron.

“I heard someone had to replace both of his eye balls after a solar eclipse!!”

A common scenario, we think. Well, at least we had scenes like this while on long road trips with friends. LOL

Anywho, that’s what we were reminded of from NO VOLCANO’s single ‘Sad Generator’. The little story has nothing to do with this single, but that’s what the vibe told us to think of and remind ourselves. The solum but relaxing tone of the song is a positive light on the nasty, nasty world.



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