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Noah Derksen Shares ‘Lonely in America’ Off Of New Album ‘America, Dreaming’.

“Lonely in America” is a song from my new album ‘America, Dreaming’.

We’d said prior of Noah Derksen: “From the west coast of British Columbia…his inspirations come from persona experiences that helped his heart open up and take notice. Facets of human conditions, psyches, drive his deep lyrical works with poignant and textured excellence.

Born in America, but raised in the heart of the Canadian prairies, the country/folk indie-artist progresses with ease in his songs, by taking aim at the fullness and depth of his life growing up and what life has offered up to this point.

Song fills his heart everyday, and with that battery charged, despite rain or shine, his attitude and dedication to his songwriting is paramount for him to ‘really live’ in this world. It gives flavor to his existence, as his mind wonders about the environment around him.

The folk roots / Americana artist brings tender and poignant carefulness to the harshness or apathy that real life sometimes brings to our lives.

“I wrote this song on a trip to New York City,” said Noah. “I realized that New York is a massive place, and I know nobody in it. I reflected on how challenging it would be to get a new start in this city, as so many people have attempted over the years.”

“Part Two of this album comes from several eye-opening experiences for me,” explained Noah. “In traveling to Vietnam, moving out of my van and into a real house in my hometown, and realizing that financial strain becomes a definite reality when you turn 25. We’re all just trying to make the wheel spin.”

‘America, Dreaming’ is a full-length record containing Noah’s observation of his own American identity as an American-citizen growing up in Canada. Written through time spent living and traveling across the country – from Oregon to Nashville, and New York to California – this collection of songs were recorded and produced by Murray Pulver (The Bros. Landreth, Joey Landreth, Doc Walker, etc.) in Winnipeg, Canada.

“This album was recorded over the span of 18 months,” added Noah, “starting on Bowen Island, BC in the winter of 2017 and ending in my hometown of Winnipeg, MB in spring 2019. These songs represent an observation of the United States, my home and native land south of the 49th parallel; an observation of how things change with time, and internal, on my own shift in perspective.

Noah’s still on tour and stated: “What I love most about being a touring musician is getting to experience life in any specific town; engaging for but a brief moment, seeing what life is like in the community.”

We dig Noah’s works like crazy.

You should too.

See Noah next @ Var Gallery & Studios, in Milwaukee, on October 15th. Fabulous Tom West will be there too.



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