Noah Gundersen Shares ‘Lover’. “To keep us emboldened with strength and dignity.”

NOAH GUNDERSEN does pop like no other. Poetic, majestic, poignant – he stirs to the best of ability, embraces the uncertainties we all feel, from time to time, about the ‘normalities’ we expect from life.

We’d featured his past music video/song for single ‘Robin Williams’. And just like ‘Robin Williams’, his newest single ‘Love’ is as thoughtful and profound as pop could magistrate.

The conversion of demonic parasites of the mind and heart, manifest with gentle tinges and tugs for the deception to be taken. As the vibrant world of our younger selves step ever deeper into a darker and more sinister and in void of sarcasm and cynicism, we need defenders of the truth and righteous to keep us emboldened with strength and dignity.

Noah does his part to offer us that hand, in the best way he knows how.

“I’ve never really cried to my own songs like I have with this one,” Noah stated about ‘Lover’. “Somehow I’m able to see myself so clearly in it. Andy [collaborator: Andy Park] and I wrote and recorded most of it in one night, early on in the process of making the record. The second verse just came out as an ad-lib and we never changed it. Sometimes you tell yourself something over and over, just hoping that it will eventually come true, trying to fill an unspeakable void.”

Relevance is a personal choice.

And we we do our best to clear ourselves of the oxidizing nature of living on this earth and society, we listen to that child from a long gone past within us.

“Let’s love…once again.”

Look for his upcoming new album Aug 23rd.



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