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Noah Mroueh Shares Single ‘Bleed Out In The Night’. Run To It.

Trucking through the wilderness of that cliched concrete jungle of the heart. Hardened. Battle-hardened. Warrior defeated, slashed into many pieces. She had a hold on him like it would be in a graphic novel. Harsh, and crude, the effects of the love that he felt for her was slovenly, and unkempt. He didn’t know what to do. He was stuck in that quagmire of his brain; cells divulging its true gray colors of the lust and love and protruding malcontent he felt for what he desired. Her.

Noah Mroueh is a Toronto based musician and singer doing his thing and producing a single that is dreamy, dark, and interestingly produced.

It’s a passion project.

We can feel it.

It’s ready to burst.

His talented arrangements of the single deserves our attention.

For we’re looking for more.

More and more and more.

Can it be done?

We hope so.

On May 11, he and his friends (Quinn Mills / Killer Virgins / AFM) will be playing @ The Cavern Bar (76 Church Street, Toronto, Ontario).




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