Noah Reid ‘American Roads’ : Hope, doubts, love, and joy follow in the folds of the kindness and thoughts, depicted and formed.

Noah Reid

Beautiful singer/songwriter, Noah Reid, seems to offer his own beautiful presents for us listeners – in each song, within each heart of sights and sounds. ‘American Roads’ is one of his latest from the LP ‘Gemini’, and the road-song is Americana at its best, as it delivers palpable and descriptive love through poetry and earnest angst for life.

“Driving across America was a big part of my twenties, heading to LA for pilot season,” reminisced Noah. “I’ve done it alone, with friends and with lovers, and I’ve never gone the same way twice. Music becomes so important on those drives, it keeps you engaged and regulates your energy and thought process. Such an incredible thing, to watch the landscape change, to feel the different vibes of states, cities and towns, to see that incredible country from the ground. My favourite drive, though, is always the drive home.”

Within ‘Gemini’, a growth and expansion of song and that connection to the universe, bursts with ambition and excitement. Through songs that are folk and pop, driven by piano, guitar, and vocals – the album succumbs and accepts the revelry of life’s stream, and replies in kind with 12 singles that relive and challenge. Hope, doubts, love, and joy follow in the folds of the kindness and thoughts, depicted and formed.

Lovely work, indeed.

Noah is born in Toronto and is widely known for his work on television, film and stage – including his role as Patrick on the Emmy-nominated sitcom Schitt’s Creek.

The multi-talented artist’s LP is out now to be enjoyed.

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Today “GEMINI” finds its way fully into the world. I think I thought I would give it to myself as a birthday present, but now it feels more like the birthday belongs to the record itself. Music is meant to be given away, passed around, repurposed and recycled. It never really belonged to me anyway, as it never would have been made in the first place without so many incredible contributions from a community I feel so lucky to be a part of. Matthew Barber and I started talking about making a new record at a Jays game, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to embark on this project with. His musicality and professionalism reigned over every moment of the process and made for an extremely relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere at the beautiful Union Sound Company recording studio. Chris Stringer engineered our sessions with assistance from Darren McGill, and their technical and musical expertise is one of the reasons this record feels so good to me. The piano at Union is another, which Chris informed me on day one had been played by the great Canadian jazz icon Oscar Peterson. Chris also mixed the songs beautifully, shepherding them from raw recordings to the carefully considered songs that make up the record.

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