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Noah Slee Shares ‘Stayed (Official Video)’. It’s The Taste Of Life, Within Him, You Always Savor.

This is the most pop-soul we go on this site (although we love soul & mix-R&B), but it’s worth noting Noah Slee’s ‘haunting’ presentation of his single ‘Stayed’.

Listen to the guitars.

Listen to the arrangement.

We think it’s a song that quivers as an art piece. It’s that look of lust. It’s the goose-bumps you feel, with the slight proximity. It’s the first scent, of the woman you love. It’s the taste of life, within him, you always savor.

The thick gooey-ness of ‘Stayed’, projects wonton collapsing of your inhibitions, continuing the fight in the journey for equality, and justice – of the soul – of you – for you. It is the journey, that MUST be taken first. Concretely consolidated.

Nothing can emotionally stop you, when you have that.

Then the world can be your art.

Noah is a New Zealand born artist, now based in Berlin, Germany.

He continues his tour August, starting off that month with the Artlake Festival (August 19th) in Berlin-altglienicke, Germany.



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