Noah Slee Shares ‘Still’ (Official Video). EP Drops November 22nd.

Experimental bones make this single ‘Still’ a grand master for your ear’s pleasure aperture. The contemporary r&b/soul stylistics deliver with NOAH SLEE’s vibrant vocals and seemingly effortless characteristics of play and shuffle in words.

The curiously nostalgic lyrics, play deliciously with the walls of sounds, purposefully built, and acoustically full. The interestingly unique patronage in care and empathy, bleeds from one cast to the next, in the arc of achieving numbness and emotional sanity.

Noah said: “‘Still’ is uncomfortably embarrassing… I guess we’ve all been there though!!! It was a fun process writing this song. I love when a song comes so easily even if it’s a little sad. With this one I was trying to write a song that is more confronting or personal with a really upbeat melody and rhythm. It’s a nice contrast.”

The artist’s EP drops November 22nd, and is working hard to continue the wonderful path Noah’s built. Collaborations with fellow Berliner Ben Esser to London talent Beau Diako and Lvther; as well as Hiyatus Kaiyote’s Paul Bender and Simon Mavin, the album should be a dang doozy.



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