Noble Oak ‘Morning (Atelier 254 Session)’ : Shimmering delights and thoughtful invocations

Noble Oak

It’s a song that details sentiments for longing. It’s the feelings of missing another, even before the last good-bye had happened. It’s the feelings of love and lust, fully engaged in your sense of belonging, draped infinitely into parts unknown.

Of you. Of the other. In conjunction.

Holding bated breath of significance, the beautifully laid out single of ‘Morning’ delivers with stereo grandeur, even in the height of subtlety and wispy suggestions. A galant piano driven offering, ‘Morning’ garners the satisfaction that we all want to see, hear, and embrace.

The Toronto originating artist, makes shimmering delights and thoughtful invocations into a gorgeous tapestry of tones and colors.


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