Noga Erez ‘End of the Road’ : Brings contemporary thoughts and feelz for the existential in infinity.

Noga Erez

Tel-Aviv, Israel based singer-songwriter / producer Noga Erez brings contemporary thoughts and feelz for the existential in infinity.

‘End of the Road’ is the ‘celebration’ of mortality. An embracing of limits for the time that we have. A positive look at “he meaning that death gives to this trip of life and how we should try to live every day to the fullest, knowing that it will all eventually end. To continually be grateful and not take life for granted.”

Noga Erez’s new album ‘KIDS’, out March 26.

“These are songs about what we inherit from past generations, how we pass things on,” Noga explained about the upcoming LP. “How this game of evolution of our culture and humanity is very much in our hands. We were all somewhat a blank page at some point. KIDS talks about humanity’s potential for both beauty and destruction.”

There is nothing guaranteed of what’s going to happen. But the here and now are, in fact, available to you to conquer and do as you’d wish.

One chance. One life.

Noga’s effervescent and experimental visions for song, delivers in impactful lyrics and entertaining vibrance.

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