Noirre Shares ‘Taste ($$$)’. “Progress. The Noirre way.”

Relying on monstrous appetite to explore and extend the boundaries of art and contemptuous willingness of masculinity, NOIRRE, the artist with the gumption out of Sacramento, California, took that challenge and ran with it in ‘Taste ($$$)’.

Said noted Noirre: “With “taste ($$$)” I wanted to challenge masculinity by putting myself in an extremely submissive role and create a modern sexual scenario. For this song, I was initially inspired by Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” and the sweetness of a “Bay Breeze” ordered without liquor and, well; no hormones.”

The sacrificial lamb in this whole endeavor is the definition of what a man may or may not be able to hold, when put into the gravity of a higher powered thumb the other sex. If you really think about it, it’ll be a disturbing though, for we’re, day to day, adhering to that monochrome status quo with never a whimper or complaint. It is a thought exercise that doesn’t exist in scale, in the US or around the world.

When Noirre wants to explore that ‘other side’ of the argument, it will rub the wrong way, even for a seasoned visual artist like Noirre. Even if deluged with liberal salutation through philosophy and work habits, a male is a male and nothing can guard against that.

Pushing back from biological facts, it is even more admirable when such experiments, even at 3 minutes a pop, can be demonstrated or attempted.

With whimsical but relevant colors and undeniable playfulness, Noirre’s interpretation of this journey, poses more questions than expected answers. It surely is a complex issue, where biology and animal instincts deflect and parry. But if human being, with its superior innovative ambitions and curiosity for knowledge can’t continue this long and arduous trek, which species will?

We’re not perfect. But as Noirre puts it, it is a surreal and emotionally relative subject that really deserves our efforts to put the best foot forward.

Progress, folks. Progress.

The Noirre way.



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