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Noisemill // Klara Zubonja // Angry Saints // Cats Flippin Birds // Spooky and the Bear

Noisemill – Unperfect

NOISEMILL comes back with another sensationally mystic and brooding indie-rock power ballad, ‘Unperfect’. From the chords to the marching orders of the drums, emotional intransigence is the order of the day, for within the garnered layers of lyrics and notes, there is the storm out in the horizon. It looks deep inside you, and the thunders of those darkened storm clouds, accelerate those pangs of questions and demands to guests at your own funeral. But it’s not the funeral of your physical being; it’s the end of the haze. Open your heart’s eyes. You must.

Klara Zubonja – Did I Say We Were Something

Our smiles began when we listened to KLARA ZUBONJA’s single ‘The Winds Of Life’. And when you listen to her single ‘Did I Say We Were Something’ we would imagine you’d feel the way we felt when offered this delicious buffet of songs. Klara is jazz, pop, indie, experimental, progressive, in the best-est manner possible. Her exuberant but ironic vocals, echo our inner voices of self suppression dowse our senses to another hill of insight and exploration. ‘Did I Say We Were Something’ is about assumptions and questions that are thick and apparent within a moment and in time. Mis-understandings and mis-perceptions play a big part of this delightful, lyrical bloom.

Angry Saints – Mother Jones

Madrid based band ANGRY SAINTS describes their band as: “..a (wild) bunch of self-taught noise veterans from Australia, England and Spain joining forces to create this powerful but unpredictable, amazing first record.” Chock full of details in that description. And in a way, in songs like ‘Mother Jones’, their layering of ol’ school rock with sprinkles of humor and irony, just speckles the sky with a beauty that is solely of their own. The ‘unpredictability’ of the the songwriting is steeped in traditional construction, so we’re never put astray from the excitement and grit. ‘Mother Jones’ is a perfect example, and the power hooks and jabs, from ANGRY SAINTS will delight.

Cats Flippin Birds – The Little Guy

Documentary? Indie-rock comedy? Passive-aggressive Earth protectors? In the best tradition of artists like Weird Al Yankovic (but without the parody, CATS FLIPPIN BIRDS throws us a curve ball in their single ‘The Little Guy’. The song is deemed as “a campaign to save millions and millions and million and millions of lives”. And it’s just made us rethink about our little crustacean friends. Although, to be honest, they are mighty tasty. But no, we pledged that we won’t eat another shrimp. How about not buying over priced shrimp cocktails at an over priced restaurant? Would that work? CATS FLIPPIN BIRDS is the quintessential ‘devil’ on your left shoulder, exposing and maybe giving you some good advice along the way. The Vancouver based band’s first album is out, with the follow up EP dropping March 30th, 2019.

Spooky and the Bear – Music Box

Marco Dianese (MD-Bear) and Nina Varner (Spooky Electric) held hands for this musical trance of cosmic meteors, which might tear your ship of fools, apart. The Brooklyn/Texas flavor is spicy and with Spooky’s vocals as decadent as it is, you can’t turn your head away from this collision of offering, if you wanted to. In ‘Music Box’, the memories are looped and confounded, into that corner of your 90’s beating heart, and moves forward towards a future of unknowns and white beams of laser. Let the chants seep deep into your darkened soul. Like a negative multiplying unto a negative, there will be positive light.


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