Noita Shares ‘Murky’. “The future is now. The promise is here.”

Haunting. Taunting. Never sacrifices your pleasure, for the vengeance to come. It’s your lucky day. Your day of purpose. Your day of exorbitant prosperity, in this world that you call the ‘living’.

Noita’s single ‘Murky’ is black as the mysterious octopus’ ink solvent and as irresistible as the sirens of the journey of Gods and Heroes in the Odyssey.

From vocals of the depths, break out, this delicious single. And within it, a cast of spells, charming and twinkling, seduced you from head to toe.

Off of the Halloween inspired EP, ‘Boo’, the pop songstress does us a solid and satisfies us like little boys and girls in costumes – dancing, and prancing for the candy in the sky.

It’s a promise of sugary goodness and with ‘Murky’, that destination is closer than ever.

Sadness is devastating. A crouching tiger of madness is at the door to take you away into a deep and saddening well.

But will it be your end? Will you end existence in such a small fashion? After all. There’s nothing in this Universe as you exist today.

You have to make the best of it and crack out of the shell.

You might as well.

Twenty-two year old Noita grew up in Playa del Carmen Mexico. Now based out of Victoria, BC she drowns herself in music and what it promises for her future.

The future for Noita, is now.



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