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NØMADS ‘Thassophøbia’: The latest ‘Phobic’ experiment continues the frenetic taunts.

NØMADS is the project between Nathan Lithgow and Brian Wolfe. Two prolific musicians who started this journey together, early in 2017.

And what a journey, so far, it has been.

In February of this year they started with “Achluphøbia” (the fear of darkness). Then month by month, new releases included: “Acrophøbia” (the extreme fear of heights), “Ataxophøbia” (the fear of chaos and disorder), “Chronometrophøbia” (the fear of clocks, watches and time), “Dementophøbia” (the fear of losing one’s mind), “Megalophøbia” (the fear of large objects), “Phasmophøbia” (the fear of ghosts), and “Autophøbia” (the fear of isolation).

And now, the latest offering is named: “Thassophøbia”, the fear of being idle.

The plan for the band is to split the songs into two EPs. The ‘Phøbiac’ Part 1 & 2 will include the mentioned songs, putting together in a neat package, for all of us to listen and digest.

The new EP’s are due to drop sometime end of December 2017 or January 2018.

So, what’s all this about, anyway?

Why go through so much trouble dissecting and drip feed the masses with their songs?

Lithgow and Wolfe are curious. They want to explore human aspirations, and, in this case, limitations on why our DNA, or cellular instructions cause such psychological mayhem.

“A study in modern psychology meets experimental music.”

They want to explore what is ‘felt’, and ‘frustrating’ about these limitations and urges due to the complexities of the human mind. And one can ‘listen’ to the ‘effects’ or ‘discussions’ in each of the ‘Phobia’ songs – each relating directly to what the duo surmises, an individual might be going through.

The two dimensional mis-faculties, trying its best to describe the possible agonies, and loneliness- is an art. And the duo, gives their own take on what can be translated, via musical notes.

Hard, rock notations are used from the beginning of the journey, describing such discrepancies as fear of ‘darkness’ and ‘chaos’. Then by August, the language changed and in coordination with the instruments – going after a more placid and symmetrical revelry.

But no matter ‘hard’ or ‘placid’, there’s ‘anger’ and ‘frustration’ – which the duo does their best to convey to us all. We won’t fully realize where these feelings of angst originate from, but we’re here for the ride.

Just like many things that relate to our universe, sometimes things can never be captured.

In the distant plains, the urges manifested.
Within my veins, in life’s truths.
Taking the pains, in large big strides.
Well of knowledge, shining bright.

But there’s always the struggle to do that.

And we all are richer for it.

The duo work from NYC, with a frenetic thirst and chip on their musical shoulders.

We dig their philosophy. We dig their music.

You should too.



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