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NØMADS – Traumatophobia

“You got me at bass riffs.” NØMADS’ ‘Traumatophobia’ the continuing insight into the righteous indignations, and when our human limitations cannot, sometimes, articulate or understand.

The track is from their forthcoming conceptual double EP PHOBIAC, an album based on clinical phobia-based fears (Traumatophobia is the fear of injury).

PHOBIAC will be split into two EP’s.

  • Part 1’s songs feature frontman/songwriter Nathan Lithgow and drummer Garth Macaleavey, which largely expands upon the fuzzed-out, post-punk approach known to fans of their debut album Free My Animal
  • Part 2’s songs are more bass-synth driven and feature Wolfe on drums.

The band has been, for a year now, brought a big chunk of the many ‘phobias’ to bear. And these symptoms become a large part of who we are.

It’s an ‘expression to the diagnosis’ and an ‘anthem to the mysterious’.

With ‘Traumatophobia’, the manic anger, the unfair and the un-empathetic situation for the tortured – is only accentuated by these notes.

Short, sweet, deadly ominous.

‘Traumatophobia’ is their November installment in this little exercise, and it’s one of the more kick-ass songs in the bunch. Brian Wolfe kills it on the drums, with emphatic thrusts. However, limited the number of notes he’s exploding, there is no doubt there’s forceful meaning behind the beatings he’s giving his gear.

Nathan Lithgow, of course is also killin’ it like no tomorrow on his bass – charging, massive, and caressing those notes; aggressively.. tenderly.

‘Phobiac’ contains 12 songs with Part 1 dropping in early 2018, with Part 2 to follow later in the year.

As well, this video was filmed as part of the Live From Pittsburgh series – which will exclusively drop in Fall of 2018.



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