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Nomis // Fancy Feelings // Hey Greg, Hello // Limón Limón // Marquette King

Nomis – Complete

Simon (better known online as Nomis. Get it?). He’s an ultra talented multi-instrumentalist and artist. The curiosity and fire for music started young. It never was dowsed. In 2018-2019, he’s spent most of his energies in developing new collection of tracks. Those have become the collection named ‘Remember’ EP. The lofi/chill direction, with all of the parts arranged and played by NOMIS, the sounds that resonate in ‘Complete’ is the best in tradition that we’d heard in early works of Fatboy Slim and Moby. Cool and calm, with a side of excitement for the day and future to come.

Fancy Feelings – Summer Of Love (Feat. Lenka)

Vocalist LENKA joins FANCY FEELINGS for this single. And it’s ‘boss’. Simple layout. Simple thrust. Simple lyrics. But of the complexity of love and its derivatives. As the world turns right?? Life is difficult sometimes. But FANCY FEELINGS’ single, with Lenka at the helm is cool, collected, and viscerally guilty with pleasure and decadence. The cooing of the song is evident and you can’t help but dance in heart and maybe in actuality. The regge vibes and ol’ motown pop slings a weather of niceties around your neck. It’s gold. It’s 14k fabulousness.

Hey Greg, Hello – End Play.

Emo-pop. Electro-angst. That’s what HEY GREG, HELLO feels to us. And when HG,H speaks through his oddly hiphop/triphop alternative amalgamation, the drizzling wall of contexts come to play with emotion and honesty. Excessive at times, but all coming to a certain personal balance, ‘End Ply.’ is an entire flood of waterfalls, with an end result – or not. Your thoughts fade, as the fall leaves come down from above. Said HG,H: “It’s about being self aware of acts happening in front of you and the acts that are coming from you.”

Limón Limón – Trying Not To Think About You

Jason (Vocals, Guiar, Bass) and Rand (Keys, Synths, Drums) makes viciously longing and fun single like ‘Trying Not To Think About You’. Why ‘viciously’? Because the relentless production is an innocent look at what it could be if life and all its components aligned perfectly for us individually. What that would be like. No worries. No stress. But there wouldn’t be the sweet, without the sour, right? “We like to weave together the expressive and unique feelings of live instruments with inventive lyrics, and layered vintage and digital synths. We’re trying to establish a fresh perspective on feel good west coast music in it’s finest form.” Limón Limón is that journey to know more with the life we lead. Jason and Rand invites us all.

Marquette King – S90210

“‘S90210’ is a song that I created in a time of my life when things weren’t really going as well for me and was kind of lost about what was going on in my life,” said MARQUETTE KING. “I decided to live on the beach for a month in the house that the show 90210 was shot in during the 90’s. My life felt like it was going in different directions…I came to a realization that as weird and chaotic I felt my life was …all the ups, downs…makes it beautiful and unique in the end and watching that sunset at the end of the day was a way of reminding me that in the end with all the change in my life that’s going on it’s going to look like as beautiful as that sunset.” ‘S90201’ is a vibrant order to go and love life as it is. Then make it better.


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