NONE OF YOUR CONCERN ‘GINC’ : Pure and slivering into that grand and wide yonder; the darkness compels you to embrace.


The darkness is upon you. You cannot resist the temptation that is NONE OF YOUR CONCERN ‘GINC’.

‘GINC’ is the newest single from the outfit’s debut album ‘PRIMER’. “It’s a darkwave clubby banger about getting seduced by a cult leader, and watching your life slowly change and slip away,” said the band.

NONE OF YOUR CONCERN is a Chicago based electronic duo composed of two anonymous masked artists that were raised on different sides of the musical spectrum. One is a classically trained musician, performing arts teacher and former dancer, who uses the arts to promote social justice. The other fronts a local LGBTQ+ punk band and has worked for a decade to bring multiple genres of music to the queer community on the west side of Chicago.

The project was born out of the two’s love of electronic music and its ability to create a world of sounds. The music can best be described as a blend of dark wave and EBM with subtle hip hop influences. Anonymity allows this project to be viewed as an entity presenting avant garde art. The geometric nature of the masks correlate with the architecture of sounds from different genres that the duo uses to sculpt their signature vibe.

Pure and slivering into that grand and wide yonder. The darkness compels you to embrace.


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