None Sense ‘Wonder Why I’m’ : Categorically charms and reduces your stress to just dance and of smiles.

None Sense

From EP, ‘The Smile Of Mine’, Dane, None Sense brings reflecting self examinations in the form of hiphop and rap goodness. A soulful lyrical poetry, delightful and bright, ‘Wonder Why I’m’ is just the peak of excitement in production.

“‘Wonder why I’m”, was the track I wrote which made me question my state of ‘auto pilot’,” said None Sense. “What is that you ask? In my opinion [being in] ‘auto pilot’ is a state of mind, where life just flies “pun I know, I laughed to” away. I was conflicted because when I felt I was straight with someone, really being myself, the liking of a filter version was preferred. Would you judge me if i smile to you? Now would you?”

Rhythm and rhyme, comes naturally with None Sense and his songs. A choosing of diabolically succulent sequence of words, dowsed in equally delectable samples, bring all of the fresh vibes you’d needed ‘today’ into perspective.

Added None Sense: “We want to spread a playful, and energized feel to your playlists and strive to do so through our music.”

Lauge Markild and Andreas Hansen are part of the duo led collective that makes None Sense work. And boy does it work. From the 80’s vibes synthesized to perfection, the vibin’ effervescence in ‘Wonder Why I’m’ categorically charms and reduces your stress to just dance and of smiles.

‘The Smile Of Mine’ is out now.


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