none_collective ‘Prelude’ : Influence from the Odyssey, promoting themes of unity and cooperation.


Conceptualized about renouncing ego to put aside individualism, ‘Prelude’ is “the overture to a seven episode journey”, led by the anonymous art collective known as n(o)ne . Written as an invocation to the muse, it draws its influence from the Odyssey, promoting themes of unity and cooperation.

The anonymous art collective is made up of artists, graphic designers, music producers and video makers.

Forming their brand around four key concepts, n(o)ne believe in Art, Anonymity, Meaning and Overcoming the Ego. Musically and artistically drawing from The Chemical Brothers and The XX , n(o)ne intend to spread their message through a story made up of seven parts, each featuring several art pieces inspired by the story.

n(o)ne is an anonymous artistic collective. “We are music producers, video-makers, designers and more… A path, to break the chains of ego and overcome the limits individualism imposes us. Each with several artists creating a piece of art based on the concept. A message, with no master or owner.”


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