Noon Shift ‘Fallen Sisters’ : Communicating the surge for emotional sanctity and adoration.

Noon Shift

Sydney-based, alternative rock band Noon Shift have returned with a single inspired by novel experiences had as a young adult. The song touches on themes of new, changing and lost relationships while maintaining a sense of loyalty as the world changes around you.

“The song kinda came about while I was waiting to leave for a night out,” said Nick Lowe. “The beginning of the song touches on a few of the common things you’d do on a typical night out before I explore a few, more personal ideas. In a way the song is about missing a partner, but also having to deal with the temptation of being out and coming across other people you like.”

Influenced by the likes of Foo Fighters, Gang of Youths and Chris Cornell, while extruding the pop goodness of Goo Goo Dolls and Gin Blossoms, Noon Shift delivers with accuracy in communicating the surge for emotional sanctity and adoration. ‘Fallen Sisters’, with ease, palpitates in revelry, that translates into that glorious 90’s coming of age phenomenon that effected so many for so many a years.

The band is made fab by Nicholas Lowe, with William Abbott (Drums), Michael Sramek (Bass) and Thomas Rusin (Guitar).


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