Noon Shift ‘Waiting in the Garden’ : “Whatever we’re going through, we’ll be able to get through it.”

Noon Shift

“The song came about after an argument I had with a mate,” said singer songwriter Nicholas Lowe. “It’s about having the dedication, hope and patience to be willing to heal a friendship. My idea was for the song to be a declaration of hope in a relationship, saying that whatever we’re going through, we’ll be able to get through it.”

Led by singer songwriter Nicholas Lowe, joined by William Abbott (Drums), Michael Sramek (Bass) and Thomas Rusin (Guitar), Noon Shift are an emerging band from Sydney’s Western suburbs. Influenced by the likes of Foo Fighters, Gang of Youths and Chris Cornell, Noon Shift showcase a raw display of rock and roll which will slap you in the face, quickly apologize, then proceed to hug it out.

With the success of their leading single ‘Save Me’, which to date has gathered upwards of 160,000 streams, Noon Shift hunkered down in Nick’s bedroom studio to record the rest of the EP. After going through the relaxed motions of recording at home, Noon Shift released ‘Fuse’ to the world.

Since then, they joined forces with local guitarist Tom and have had their recorded music and live performances catch the attention of x-factor winners, VIA Music Group and The Harbour Agency.


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