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North America Shares Beautiful ‘Your Lips Are For Kissing’ (In Acoustic Form). “We love it so…”

We love NORTH AMERICA’s single ‘Your Lips Are For Kissing’. And now they share with us their acoustic version, which reaches further into the ether, with craven guitar strums, bewitching atmosphere, and a story of loss that is so very related to our own lives.

Always delivered with glamor, P.F. Phillip’s vocals never let’s you down. As it has for many of their singles, one form of this single doesn’t overshadow the other. In fact, the original studio format communicated through that wormhole for emotions, and has the delicate conversations with the acoustic version, enhancing and collaborating, like ghost-like hymns.

It’s a sonic love-affair that transcends this time, and that space.

“The song is about coming to terms with the contradicting emotions of a relationship coming to an end,” P.F. Phillip stated. “There’s a lot of anguish in turning away from someone you care for, or had cared for, because you’ll only hurt each other more by being together – and from that also comes a sense of peace, knowing that one day they’ll find the love they deserve.”


Listen and relive this beautiful offering.

Listen to P.F. Phillip, Gabe Coulter, Sandro Giacometti, Sam Roberts and Jack Rennie play for you.



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