NORTH ‘Do you still want me around?’ : Embrace with moving forward, is the ultimate gift to a missed friend and musical confidant.


“I’m a Seattle based musician and I’ve been playing classical percussion since 1999. I’ve been on a depression induced hiatus from electronic music composition since 2011, but the recent death of my best friend and former band mate, Jeff, got me back into it.”

“I am working on a deeply personal project right now,” added NORTH. “I’m finishing and releasing the tunes Jeff and I worked on 10 years ago. I have 9 mp3s I’ve been working from, each found only after Jeff’s death, and each one rediscovered at a crucial time for me. Each song requires me to use different skills, and I love that Jeff pushes me so hard, even after his death. This album will be a memorial for so much, but it will also be a jumping point for my future. Grief may turn out to be my most important musical ability.”

Kayla North is NORTH. An inspiring vision of personal grief, seemingly insurmountable challenges, and ultimate decision in a dedication of memoriam, brings emotive strength and gumption back into Kayla’s musical ambitions.

Inspiration comes in different shades and gravity. Kayla’s embrace with moving forward, is the ultimate gift to a missed friend and musical confidant.

The cheerful notes are the antithesis to the heartaches. But it’s a step to recovery and self-love that Kayla – and for all of us – to realize.

Welcome back Kayla.


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