Not Fit ‘Fun House’ : Are you happy? Or just comfortable, in misery?

Not Fit

“‘Fun House’ is a love story about the struggle to find balance and harmony amidst tragedy. At its core, it speaks to how over time, a damaged relationship can blind those involved to detrimental habits and destructive behaviors, leaving both people trapped in a vicious cycle until one breaks.” Grace isn’t what we do in a relationship of faults and destruction. Sometimes the irony is that the kind of funhouse that was built, can entrap you with time warn responsibilities and guilt.

The driving bass line brings you to that point of contention or realization. Will it be bust 100% or a small remaining feeling that can again bloom into something else?

Difficult question, in a relationship.

But one things has to be answered: Are you happy? Or just comfortable, in misery?

The band is made of Ben Griffin (Bass), Jacob Block (Drums), Kurtis Tuohy (Guitar), and Claudio Tarchi (Vocals).


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