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Not.Your.Regular.Boy. Shares ‘I Want You’. “Come alive. For conquest is inevitable.”

Not.Your.Regular.Boy. is Ferry de Ruiter and the Amsterdam based artist wants to eat you alive. Well, figuratively. Don’t worry, when you’re listening to this refreshing new-wave electro venture of a single named ‘I Want You’, the Depeche Mode-like vibe mashed with N.Y.R.B.’s subtle but outrageous attitude, you’ll just want to let him do as he pleases.

“I’m color, I’m black/white, I’m Everything,” stated Ferry. “I’m Not.Your.Regular.Boy. I don’t wanna identify myself as a man or a woman but as a human, as Not.Your.Regular.Boy. I don’t try to be labeled. For me, music is my life, I seriously wouldn’t know what to do without music. I wanna go my way instead of the way that was laid out for me. The music we will release will be very personal because I’m the leader in this project and having that freedom feels amazing.”

We’d featured N.Y.R.B.’s single ‘Get Down Make Love’ a while back and we’d stated that Ferry “seemingly is a traveler of the alternate Universes…That Universe is between this Time and that Space, between this Line and that Gap. The providential enigma, served by that original platitude, it is the result, unto itself. Gravity of thought. Gravity in sound. Heavy with circumstances, muddled by white noise.”


And he continues this path with ‘I Want You’, as the decades past comes alive to help in Ferry’s mission for musical conquests.

“I Want You is a song about wanting something & everything, in search of universal love.” added Not.Your.Regular.Boy.

Heck yes.


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