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Notalike & Axiver // Trilane & Loris Cimino // Claye // Sancii // Lämmerfyr

Notalike & Axiver – Heart

Italian producers Notalike & Axiver in ‘Heart’. Talented artist Notalike, released multiple times with Revealed & directly supported by Hardwell lands on Panther’s Groove with this collaboration with Axiver. This track delivers a powerful and rolling groove topped with energetic synth shots.

Trilane & Loris Cimino – Still Think Of You (ft. David Shane)

Swedish duo Trilane and Loris Cimino incites feelings with their single ‘Still Think Of You’ featuring David Shane’s falsettos of dreams and whatever lies in between. Throwback markings of the offering is a dance floor banger, as it hits all cylinders with quite reminiscent shimmer and twinkle. Something that brings you back to that corner of your life that was TRULY happy. Let’s try and get back to that place.

Claye – Murda

UK based producer CLAYE hits it nice and smooth with his latest ‘Murda’. “I had an idea to write a song about a girl that’s cheeky and stunning as we’d say in Jamaica, ‘Badgyal'” explains Claye. “I decided to go through some sound palate before attempting the production.” And indeed, the killer sample of the ‘Killa’ word, throughout the length of the single makes it irresistible to anyone’s sensibilities. Both vigorous and truculent, the anti-ambiguous fictional vocation of the single’s subject, ratifies your dancing pleasures. Born out of cultural facts, the single is a fabulous addition to the tropical-house reggaeton magistrate.

Sancii – Space

Sancii is joined by Drona on this viby single of ‘Space’. From the drizzly vocals of Drona and the bouncy beats, it is tropical and always on your side. Love, affection, attention, gaps in the parts of us and the dimensions above – it’s Sancii’s sultry beats in ‘Space’ that does you good. Paris based, worldwide crazed – never a dull moment with Sancii.

Lämmerfyr – Places

Lämmerfyr’s single ‘Places’ is that ‘tranquility’, hidden but always accessible. Thanks to the soundscape constructions of Lämmerfyr, we get to travel like never before. The melodic house/techno track is a classic journey through to the place where you shed the every day. Layers upon layers of decadence, rhyme into existence as the high-hat drives a clear cut course to the end of that highway of personal love and assurance. Kicks of delicate nature, bounces your hesitations out the door, and replaces them with progressive ambience of truth and harmony.


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