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Notelle Shares ‘Beyond the Grave’. “Darkness expressed in delicious form.”

We love how NOTELLE, is fearless. Gaining her foothold through the world of traditional commercial pop, with her latest evolution in project, she’s gainfully and deliciously upped the vision she has within.

Honesty in wha she represents, immediately amplify in ‘Beyond The Grave’. The single is a un-traditionally constructed song of pop and folk, cosmically mixed with tinge of house and techno extremities. The chorus is the star of the offering, with that exact EDM aroma, with dirty bass, top shelf simplicity, and expert tease in gumption.

“I have always been attracted to folklore about tragic love and loss,” Notelle stated. “There is something about a “haunting” that appeals to me.” Touching deeper into her concept, stating “The idea that your longing for someone else can become so ingrained into your soul, that when your body passes on, the severity of the love and the loss stays behind and lingers – that’s so unbelievably interesting. It’s become a piece of your being. It’s almost as if there is no separation between what you feel and who you are, no way to disassociate from someone else’s crippling desperation for you or your desire for them…even after you’re gone. How can such an intense connection with another soul NOT leave some type of divine mark? Just because desire isn’t tangible, doesn’t mean it can’t take on a life of its own – maybe it gets stuck in some tragic loop in the afterlife.”

This is the first single of NOTELLE’s more understated and powerfully fluorescent sound. It’s beautiful in its way, and it becomes you to a new hint of what song could be.

It’s a refreshing clash of sounds.

It’s a song and philosophy in music making, to dive into.

Kudos indeed to NOTELLE.



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