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NOV 15: JOIN Ruby Bones // aBird @ Their Free Double Album Release Show (Petshop JC)

On November 15th, RUBY BONES and aBIRD, two indie-rock bands will share with us their joy and happiness in celebrating the release of their new EP and LP (respectively) at one of Jersey City’s fab musical haunts, PETSHOP. The show is free to enter. Bring your Thursday evening (830pm) “almost end of the week” attitudes and join us for fab music and drinks – like o’l chums.

See you all there at 830pm, sharp.

  • November 15, 2018
  • Petshop Jersey City
  • 830pm
  • Free


The trio from the Garden State (New Jersey), follows up from their Billboard-charting self-titled debut record, with a fabulous 3 track EP named ‘Laser’. The new EP continues their trend of shout along choruses with the punchy energy they have become know for in the clubs of NJ and Brooklyn. The frenetic language of their driving guitar riffs, determine the destination to the highest degree by turning up the heat throughout each and every new single. ‘Not Enough’ is the first cut of the EP and it is a perfect indie-rock anthem for your ‘new self’. The band is made for live entertainment, and from each first note to the last, they make that always crystal clear. “We wanted to write something a bit more lighthearted and fun than the first album,” explains Chris Fox. “And as songs came together they started taking on a slightly nostalgic vibe. Lyrically, I realized I was writing about losing one’s youth, so the viewpoint became that of somebody going through their 20s and longing for simpler times, even if they’re aware those times are already being romanticized.” RUBY BONES is made up of Chris Fox, James Janocha, and FC Spies. The album is out now.

RUBY BONES’ New EP ‘Laser’ (Available Now)

RUBY BONES – Not Enough (off of new EP ‘Laser’)


Adam Bird is aBIRD, and the former frontman for THOSE MOCKINGBIRDS, New Jersey based artist Adam Bird brings his newest album ‘Hard Times Between Two Dimensions’ to the masses. Adam is an artist. His creative energy is unique, and emphatic. His sound influenced through the best traditions of new-wave, folk, hard-rock, and pop, it indulges at the edges of artistic-chic. In the newest 7 track album, he takes this philosophy into another level texturing electronic sensibilities reminiscent of David Bowie, Massive Attack, Radiohead – with even nuances touching The Cure, Joy Division’s pop rensidtions. The quite unexpected delight when listening to ‘Hard Times Between Two Dimensions’ was a dang beautiful surprise to us. The resulting offer from aBIRD, of layers and colors in his new singles, are a joy and should be repeating in your rotation. The album is out now.

aBIRD’s New Album ‘Hard Times Between Two Dimensions’ (Available Now)

aBIRD – A Cool Island Song


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