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NOVA PEAKS is the project of Dylan Jongbloed. Off of his EP ‘Arcadia’, there is the beckoning confidence of ‘Flock’. And in this distinct rapture of both synth and organic insurgeance, Dylan, carries you off into another world of vibes and color pallets. Off in the distance the future arrives. Never is it over staying, for the past is here and now. We flock towards that end of all ends, but can ever be left all alone. It’ll all come together. This single comes together, with beauty and glamor.

Mission Club – Aether

Off of their debut full length album ‘Saturn Returns’, MISSION CLUB’s single ‘Aether’ brings a brooding reluctance of a part of our lives that are inevitable and regrettable. The theme of the album is about the facts of life and organism, as the band’s individuals turned 27 years old. The band stated: “an age that carries significance in many ways – societal, personal, spiritual, astrological, etc..” Aether is the opening of that jar of strength and inner gumption. Towards an invisible enemy, the self fights with the whole Universe of natural law. A law that cannot be broken, amended, nor bended. In this fight, the self realizes more beauty than ever before. What an ironic world.

Written by Wolves – Tell Me What You’re Running From?

The highly streamed rock band from New Zealand, WRITTEN BY WOLVES, know how to do it. And no doubt about it. It takes guts. It takes vision. It takes heavy artillery. It takes strength like wolves. ‘Tell Me What You’re Running From?’ is that nu-metal goodness that you’d missed. It is the tight ascension in running power chords and deliciously AOR rock guitar licks, belted together with driving drums and vocals. ‘Tell Me What You’re Running From?’ is off of their debut album ‘Secrets’, and without a doubt brings their style of genre, with the dynamics of commercial beauty. Let the darkness flow. Let there be rock, with WRITTEN BY WOLVES.

Slideshow – Midnight Language

SLIDESHOW is that clear night out on the porch with the one you love. Looking at the stars, with a kiss to seal the deal, ‘Midnight Language’ from this iridescent band brightens up the room with galant lyrics, altruistic guitar works, and beautiful rhythms. Like the goodness of The Cure and stylistics of Alex Lifeson (RUSH), SLIDESHOW’s amazing on this single. The gentle wafting of emotions and quick evaporation of them, are moments in moments. ‘Midnight Language’ does it the way it should be. Austin Texas based. Ready for the rest.

Taija New – Left 2 Right
‘Special’ and ‘natural’, TAIJA NEW, in our eyes, suspends genres, even if you know that this is in a class of hiphop. Why? There are times when a band or artist makes a song that is very much technically and obviously made for their genre. But somehow, there are times when that song just exceeds past the guard rails of that predisposed framework. There are plenty of songs in indie that does this. But unlike, cross overs and collabs, TAIJA NEW’s single ‘Left 2 Right’ just has a place of it’s own. We know. It’s hard to understand. “Why sure this is hiphop! It can’t be otherwise!”, you’d say. And in part we’d agree, but it’s the way Taija presents this ultra-hooky single. It dives deep into your soul, and then spits it out with only the bones. It just has that attitude. More than just bragging. More than just hiphop. More than just hiphop. It’s just more. In any case, just dance to this you FOOL!


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