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novelties – pillow talk

Sophie and Kelly, the two sisters who makeup this fabulously unique pop project. The fact that they do consider their work as belonging in the pop genre, we think for the single ‘Pillow Talk’, there’s something else to that equation. From the soft walking lyrical work to the gentle but strong addition of dub elements, keeps the pop aesthetics a reality. But when looked at from a bird’s eye view, the song is in every sense of the word, an interesting indie DIY-ish dram-pop offering as well. And in all honesty, we are confused – which is a great thing. The interesting aspects of the song delivers to our brains shots of affection towards that exact aesthetic. As the song ebbs and flows, we get to like it even more.

228K – Chantal

NYC born but based in Paris, 228K brings ‘Chantal’ a cosmic journey through challenges and sublimation of fantasies, in colorful florescence of sonic reflections. The harmoniously arranged single reminds us of those happier times. And as the calls of birds, lie in the short distance, you and her, embrace then kiss. As time slows in ecstasy, the train to nowhere continues to envelope your visual extremities. The tunnels filled with colors of HD; the world is in colors, only 228K can depict.

Illiterate Light – Two Cats

This rapturously decadent band will releasing will be their debut EP ‘Sweet Beast’ (January 18th) to satisfy our weird and private urges. The Virgina duo of guitarist/vocalist Jeff Gorman and drummer/vocalist Jake Cochran ensures us a good time with their single ‘Two Cats’ and its accompanying music video. It’s about a catfight. And when there’s a cat fight, there’s passive aggressive attacks and unparalleled hair pulling. At the end of the day, there are scars and then some, for all parties. Betrayal, surprise, depression, anger – all gets rolled up in this fabulous song. “For us, it was an experience in embracing limitations and the fun of uncontrolled creativity. It’s a good reminder that we truly aren’t in control,” says the band. “We can’t force the work we do, but we can show up, have a ball doing it, and enjoy whatever comes out.” Truth, indeed.

LØZNINGER – Never Come Back

Brooklyn based LØZNINGER rebells to his heart’s content in this beautifully haunting ballad of ‘Never Come Back’. Being a visual artist as well, Benjamin Løzninger, is able to give a 360 degree accounting of what kind of world he invokes and reacts to. And just as he is – a contrasting musicians of many thoughts and opinions – dissect relevance and emotions onto a cutting board of life where the innards of a specimen can be more closely observed and described. ‘Never Come Back’ is one of those scalpels, where realities are serrated edges to which our veins can be cut. We don’t of course. Biding for time, you can say.

DD WALKER – Concord

DD WALKER keeps things moving. As we’d featured his work prior, we’re always enamored with his work within the nostalgic-digital space. The clean and crisp songs, like ‘Concord’, effortlessly click with your sensibilities. It’s immediate and the satisfaction gained will move you physically and emotionally. The gentle and emotive vocals of DDW, effects all that is within his songs. Dig it.


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