Novo Amor ‘If We’re Being Honest’ : Continues the trek of such beauty and arching story telling, again – and then again.

Novo Amor / Photo: Daniel Alexander Harris / Embroidery: Aline Brant

In the best tradition of soft and 70’s rock, Novo Amor’s distinctive and familiar presence puts a shine onto our private feelings. Of longing and viscerally real, ‘If We’re Being Honest’ continues the trek of such beauty and arching story telling, again – and then again.

Charlie Reader – video director for ‘If We’re Being Honest’ – said: “I wanted to create a simple but powerful story that feels entirely timeless yet is also attuned to the strange situation the world finds itself in now with the global pandemic: the emotional complexities of living in isolation and being detached from loved ones. An astronaut returning from space after many years seemed to perfectly encapsulate those ideas, and the crash-landing felt fitting in its requirement for strength and resolve to make it through. I think it’s a universal story for any struggle and I wanted it to ultimately feel optimistic; projecting a message of hope, resilience and reunification.”

Ali Lacey began Novo Amor. And through a hurt, Novo Amor afforded Ali a way to fend off those pains with music that sang to help his most personal cause.

Now his music continues to help us see the past, and move on to better futures.


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