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Novo Amor Shares ‘Utican’. “What Should We Do To Make It Better For All?”

NOVO AMOR released the cinematically resounding video for the single ‘Utican’. The single is from the upcoming debut album ‘Birthplace’ out on October 19th.

The expanse of life is hard to grasp sometimes. Challenges in global politics, economic ups and downs, constitutional threats, and injustice to human beings.

The constant discussion of the age is about love, tolerance, and cooperation, battling the underlying forces of the opposite. These items on the docket are not made by nature. It is wholly a by-product of how human beings have developed. The notion of competition within our genes have given us the strife, and challenges we cope and deal with every day, where ever you may be.

But the world isn’t satisfying, if there wasn’t such challenges.

With the same brains, and with the desire for competition and self-development, our egos take us to new and higher heights for innovation throughout this little planet we reside. The need to be ‘better’, the need to be ‘better than another’, brings that kind of urgency and success, the species we sometimes hate.

One cannot be without the other, for both positive and negative desires come from the same core of chemicals that make us animals, who we are.

So, what of it?

What shall we do?

What should we do to make it better for all?

The poignant questions that NOVO AMOR poses in their single ‘Utican’ (and other singles) brings us only the start of the conversation. But starting the conversation – revving the engine for discussion, is what we always need.

In any case, the music video is solid with cinematic expertise, that we appreciate and love. Have a try.



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