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Nox – Corduroy

“A range is what a range dictates. It’s not limitless, it has most importantly, restrictive borders. That’s where songs shine.”

Nox’s Corduroy is a 2017 release from their 2 song EP ‘Sicilian Slang / Corduroy’. Both are quality songs and fabulous to listen to, but we picked Corduroy to front this review because it shows what Maria and the gang, can do; which is exact a kick-ass demo of ‘indie-jazz-rock’ abilities – like a boss.

We loved this song.

We loved its arrangement.

We loved Maria’s controlled-zeal in her vocals.

We love how her bandmates (Jeremiah Bermel, Tomke Meyer, and contributor Matthew Hull) just delectably supported and keeped that ‘story’ just right and, flashing in front of our face.

It’s just the right amount of awesomeness we love to find out about.

Unlike their previous 3 songs that were released (‘Shark Bite’, ‘No. III’, ‘Pillow’), ‘Sicilian Slang / Corduroy’ declares the rightful progression and development of a band.

It’s mature – it has the ‘gel-ed’, ‘glued’, ‘the experiment is over’ kind of feel.

It has confidence.

It knows that there are jazz elements (and not timid about it).

The ‘attraction is real’ with Corduroy, for us at CHF (like, ‘pervert around the corner’ kind of attraction).

The ‘infatuation’ with it hasn’t been as so exciting, since our first experience with a band from Connecticut named ‘Vinegar Mother’ and its front woman, Julia Zivic.

We love Zivic’ voice. And we think we found another ‘voice’ (in Maria) – which, by the way, stirred a similar kind of excitement we had felt when we heard Zivic and ‘Vinegar Mother’ for the first time.

Their technical prowess and lung powers are different, but the ‘soul’ and ‘story telling’ on each varied note, is certainly a cool thing to compare.

“It’s about the ‘content and data’ behind that voice”.

It’s a compliment to Nox, for sure. Hope they accept our assessment, that way.

Anywho, one thing’s for sure, we sure would like to know more about the band and its song offerings, as their careers go forward.

Hopefully, after the return of Jeremiah and Tomke (college career), they can continue where they left off. In the meantime, Maria is a solo act, as far as we know. If there isn’t a unification of the three again, we’d hope there would be a similar effort to get that kind of band chemistry again.

We think they’ve got ‘something’. Let’s see.=D

Kudos, NOX gang. Kudos.

Keep on, keepin’ on.

‘Sicilian Slang / Corduroy’ dropped, December 25, 2017.



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