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NOXON Shares ‘Take your time’. “It’s The End Of Summer. Therapy Here I Come.”

My achilles tendon ruptured the other day. It was raw and where it used to be, there seemed to be a ‘tunnel’. The ‘rubber band’ that kept my ankles attached to my calf muscle, said ‘no mas’. It was my fault really. No stretching, no nothing before playing basketball. It could have been any kind of activity and probably would have done the same.

Thanks ‘achilles tendon’. Now I’m in a thigh high cast, and there’s no going back. School sucks even more, with it. Friends at school started to sign it. Now it looks like a bad tagged building in an 80’s gang movie. Although not as artistic, as you’d imagine.

At least it’s the end of Summer. 6 more months of this and my leg should be shrunk to nothing. Therapy here I come.

John and Tim are veterans of the NYC music scene. But they confess, that they scrapped everything and decided to start ‘over’.

Now they have this project named NOXON.

We know nothing about it, yet. But one thing’s for sure. The genuine rock that is portrayed in ‘Take Your Time’ is fabulous. Even the recording (one take?) is perfect for what we’d expect from such a single.

It’s the end of Summer here in the east coast. Let’s see what happens.



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