NRVS LVRS ‘Prom Night Blues’ : Never give up again, since we’d all tried the best we can.


“‘Prom Night Blues’ is an apocalyptic love song. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, the conclusion of childhood, or our collective anxiety at where our world is heading, there are rare occasions in our lives where we are aware of the transitory nature of the moment, and we let the weight of our emotions wash over us.”

San Francisco based duo NRVS LVRS bring us their new broody ballad, ‘Prom Night Blues’. The new single is off their upcoming EP, ‘CULT LITE’.

“For many, prom night is a compressed moment containing their emotions about the future: wistfulness, excitement, dread, and acceptance, and it can feel dramatic, as if their world is ending. What else can you do but try and savor it for as long as you can?”

Just a moment, and with a wistful cascade of vocals, ‘Prom Night Blues’ is new, old, you, us. And in its presence we push our inabiliites, and sweep through the tears of fears and angst – to become another. One who will collapse without giving up. With giving up the dignity to go on.

NRVS LVRS wants us to never give up again, since we’d all tried the best we can.


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