NTEIBINT feat. Matina Sous Peau ‘Back To The Roots Of Love’ (Remix by Saib) : Gauzy. Beats. Wonderful.

Matina Sous Peau, NTEIBINT

‘Back to the Roots of Love’ sees label veteran NTEIBINT join forces with singer, and fellow Athenian, Matina Sous Peau. Well known for his sumptuous reinterpretation of classic disco sounds, NTEIBINT widens his sonic palette, the result a stunning number that combines pop, R&B and disco sounds with the jazzier end of 90s Broken Beat and House music.

Taking us from one side of the Mediterranean to the other Eskimo have tapped up Moroccan producer Saib to remix the track. Having made a name for himself with a series of acclaimed releases that have mixed styles and sounds around the world the Casablanca based producer and guitarist delivers a remix that wraps subtle, intricate fretwork, gauzy textures and boom bap beats around Matina’s vocals to wonderful effect.


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