Nuela Charles – Coming For You

Nuela Charles’ Coming For You is a facial vortex and it’s taking you down that rabbit hole, into that movie that takes places in the Swiss Alps. The vibrancy, the beats, the R&B Pop, just smoothed and smothered onto the indie-pop sign – a sign indicating the adventures to come with Nuela.

It’s such a good song. It really is. Such drama, melo-drama, the hook – it’s what pop songs bring to the table.

But it just isn’t the typical saccharine pop- as we CHF, like to call them.

The dust of sugary crystals do not form very easily on this razzmatazz. And we like it that way – then some! Nuela’s vocals just glues all the elements, dynamically and guides one’s imaginations to start working from the get-go.

The elements are wrapped in this multi-level-skin that wants to be peeled and savored, licked and examined. Bond girls, 007, Bourne, X-Men – all just fit with this song’s constitution and outright strength – if you can pick up what we put down.

Sometimes, when we get out of an awesome movie (from a movie theatre), there is the end credits that roll. The lights go on, so the crowd can walk out without tripping.

But you realize that the music played in the end credits is one of the main ones played during the Movie. And that movie MADE that movie exciting!

A smile forms on your face knowing this. Walking out, and down the stairs – you bob your head in acknowledgement and subsequent 5 star rating on Rotten Tomatoes for the film

It’s like that. Nuela hits it nicely, with this song.

Kudos, Nuela. Kudos.


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