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Nulberry Shares Single ‘Vegan Chicken’.

We knew what we were headed for when we decided to review or say something about NULBERRY’s new single ‘Vegan Chicken’. One: it would be heavily difficult to decipher what the band was trying to get at with the song. Two: not a lot of information is available about the band and its bandmates. And Three: had to say something about the decision by the band to play that clean guitar for the song.

Number Three is the top reason why we got on board with the single. It’s secure; it’s unique, and it’s just soothes the soul, if you had one =D

On top of that, the chorus is fantastically designed and executed in the studio recording. It’s just delicious, when the pause between lyric line and instruments, overlap and interact.

We still don’t know what the underlying meaning is behind this sorrowful, but enticing single is all about. The song could have been a part of a ‘metal band’s’ ballad sequence. It’s that weird and (in its own way) glorious sound that we were attracted to, on this one.

Anywho, we say kudos. No regrets.

The laid back progressive rock-ness is on a great path, as well as for the band.



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