Nullmillimeter ‘Slowme’ : Love. Dedication. Appreciation. Set in a visceral beauty, that beseeches.


‘Slowme’ was a birthday present and dedicated to a very good friend.

Said the band: “This version of the song wasn’t planned to be shared to a greater audience, but became so intimate and special, that we finally decided to do so… Roughly recorded and decently complemented by just one vocal overdub, ‘Slowme’ finally is a rehearsal room live production and shows up another side of Nullmillimeter.”

Our fourth release in a row until autumn, but our first one in english language.

Naëma Faika, Marcus Schneider, Gunnar Ennen, Frenzy Suhr and Lennart Wohlt are together, this visceral concoction of sweet and the tart.

We’ll want more from this fabulous project.


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